Dani Kunstler
Rabbi Dani Kunstler was born and raised in Belle Harbor, NY, and then set up his home in the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood of Yerushalayim. Rabbi Kunstler has been in Torah education for over a decade, starting in Yeshiva Ner Yaakov before founding Yeshiva Ahavas Chaim and serving as its Mashgiach Ruchani during its initial years. Currently, he is a full time Rebbe in Yeshivat Torat Shraga. He has authored books on Chumash & Pirkei Avos, as well as producing the V’Havienu music series.
Rabbi Kunstler initiated the Torah Alive in 5 learning program after witnessing the void of Torah learning in the daily lives of so many of his students. With most of them not having the time or energy to set up their own daily learning schedule, he set out to make a program that would be easy to understand and effortless to receive. Starting with one of his former students, Torah Alive in 5 now has hundreds listening in on its various programs.
Rabbi Kunstler himself gives over many of the classes in the program, as well as overseeing the entire production of Torah Alive in 5.
Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky
Mesilas Yesharim
Rabbi Orlofsky is a popular lecturer internationally where his combination of humor, novel insights and inspiration touch the lives of thousands. He has written in many publications over the last two decades.
Rabbi Orlofsky’s Mesilas Yesharim shiur attempts to explain the words of the Ramchal in a way that the average Jew today can relate to and acquire its wisdom.
Rabbi Dovid Kaplan
Rabbi Kaplan has lectured widely in Israel and America and is presently a senior lecturer at Yeshiva Ohr Sameach in Jerusalem. Rabbi Kaplan is known as one of today’s best storytellers, and is the author of the renowned IMPACT series of books.
In telling over ideas on the Parsha, Rabbi Kaplan digs into his endless supply of amazing stories and brings the Torah to life on a weekly basis.

Rabbi Nachman Seltzer
48 ways of Torah
Rabbi Nachman Seltzer is the author of 23 books, runs the Shira Chadasha Boys Choir, and is a columnist for Hamodia Magazine. Rabbi Seltzer received his semicha from R’ Yitzchok Berkovitz, and teaches in various post-high-school programs for Americans studying in Israel.
In this series, Rabbi Seltzer uses fascinating stories to accentuate the beautiful concepts within the 48 ways to acquire the Torah.
Rabbi Moshe Don Kestenbaum
Tomer Devora / Kavod / Chagim

Rabbi Moshe Don Kestenbaum is a well known educator, author, and speaker, who counsels both parents and teens. He is the author of the very popular sefer, Olam Hamiddos, (recently translated into English by Artscroll) and the sefer Olam Ha’avodah. He is also the author of  Run After the Right Kavod and The Heart of Parenting. R’ Kestenbaum shares with us his insights into the trait of Kavod, the sefer Tomer Devora, and the Shavuos Shmooze series.

Rabbi Osher Levene
People of the Book
Rabbi Osher Levene is director of Orah in London, and author of Jewish Wisdom in the Numbers, People of the Book: From Adam to Yehoshua, Biblical Personalities of the Torah , and Set in Stone: The Meaning of Mitzvah Observance.
Rabbi Levene joins the Torah Alive In 5 team by delving into the timeless personalities of Tanach, giving us a deeper understanding of these biblical figures. Get to know these ageless personalities in a way like never before.
Rabbi Ilan Ginain
Fast-Paced Navi
Rabbi Ilan Ginian learned in yeshivah and kollel in Israel where he received several rabbinic ordinations as well as acquiring a counseling degree in Jerusalem, specializing in teens-at-risk. He is currently the Director of a teens-at-risk drop-in center, as well as a private counselor to individuals throughout New York State. Rabbi Ginian lectures in several yeshivos and synagogues, delivering classes in Navi, Gemara and Mussar. He is also the acclaimed author of The Navi Journey, a series of books detailing the stories and depth of Tanach.

Rabbi Avi Rosner
Gemara / Mishna / Kitzur
Rabbi Avi Rosner grew up in New York City before going on to the Mir in Yerushalyaim, where he learned and taught for 12 years. He is from the founding Rabbeim of Yesod, where he taught for four years. He spent four years teaching at Ohr Yerushalayim and currently teaches in Yeshiva Imrei Binah. He gives shiurim on a wide range of subjects including Gemara, Tefilla, Mussar, Chumash and Halachah, is a certified life coach, and has published articles for the publications of the Mir and the Feinstein Foundation.
Rabbi Eli Marburger
Hilchos Shabbos
Rabbi Marburger received smicha from numerous distinguished Rabbanim, such as Rav Yitzchok Berkowitz, Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, Rav Shalom Eisenberger, & Rav Naftoli Nussbaum. Rabbi Marburger serves as a Rosh Kollel in Yeshivas Mir, as well as in the Shaarei Nissim Halacha Kollel. He sits on the Beis Hora’ah of Sanhedria Murchevet, is one of the poskim slotted on the community’s Kav Halacha Line, and has given over halacha classes on the Galei Yerushalayim radio station as well as many Yeshivas and shuls.

Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein
Random Topics
Rabbi Wallerstein has become an icon in the Jewish world of fearless vision, deep conviction, and unfailing warmth. In over three decades in chinuch, the dynamic educator has touched the hearts and souls of thousands of students from all shades of the religious spectrum. He is the founder of Ohr Naava for Women. The classes here are taken (with permission) from his 5 minute YouTube clips.
Rabbi Moshe Rosenstein
Laws of Tefilla
Rabbi Moshe Rosenstein is currently the Dean of Tomer Devorah Seminary in Jerusalem. Besides for being an outstanding teacher, he is known for his dynamic and personable speaking style and is often a featured lecturer on www.torahmedia.com. Rabbi Rosenstein has given his Tefilla series over to Torah Alive In 5, which is a series of short 5-minute classes he gave while part of the Chicago Community Kollel.

Rabbi Yosef Greenwald
Nefesh Hachaim / Alei Shor
Rabbi Yosef Greenwald is the Rosh Kollel of Kollel Imkei Mishpat in Yerushalayim, as well as a Dayan and lecturer in Beis Din Nesivos Chaim and Beis Din of Givat Zeev. He is a senior lecturer for the Bais Havaad Halacha Center of Lakewood, NJ where over 600 of his audio shiurim are available online, as well as lecturing for the Shas Illuminated audio series. He lectures extensively for various audiences both in Israel and abroad.
Rabbi Andi Yudin
Iggeres Haramban
Rabbi Yudin is currently a Rebbe in Yeshivat Torat Shraga in Jerusalem, and lectures in Michlala Seminary as well. Rabbi Yudin combines his enthusiasm and vast knowledge to provide his listeners with an entertaining and intellectually stimulating shiur. In this series, he gives the listener an in-depth look into the Ramban’s famous letter to his son, which has become a Mussar favorite in the Yeshiva world.

Rabbi Dovid Rosenbaum
Shabbos / Halacha / Chagim

Rabbi Dovid Rosenbaum is the beloved Rav at Young Israel Shomrai Emunah of Greater Washington. He is the Beth Din Administrator for the Vaad, supervising get and litigation procedures. He also acts as a halachic resource for a number of organizations in the community. He gives various shiurim within his neighborhood and surrounding areas, in addition to his popular five-minute recording series, which he has shared with Torah Alive in 5 from www.TorahDownloads.com

Rabbi Zecharia Resnik
The Quick Vort

Rabbi Zecharia Resnik has been living in Israel since 2007. He spends his days learning in a local Halacha kollel in Yerushalayim, where he lives with his wife and five children. At times when Zecharia isn’t in kollel, or preparing The Quick Daf, he is involved in speaking engagements and numerous chessed projects in and around the neighborhood. R’ Zecharia shares his unique, fast-style dvar Torah on the Parsha with Torah Alive in 5. 

Mr. Charlie Harary
Inspirational Series
Mr. Charlie Harary has expanded his message of personal success to radio, television, web, and print media, his one goal remains the same: to reinvigorate his audience with a bold vision of their potential and lay out a clear path to achieve it. With his rare blend of passion, professional expertise, academic rigor, and spiritual wisdom, Charlie has a proven track record of inspiring people from every background.
Mrs. Dina Schoonmaker
Emunah / Tzniyus / Dating
Mrs. Schoonmaker is a popular lecturer and relationship counselor. A staff member at Michlalah for over 20 years, Mrs. Schoonmaker teaches a number of courses, runs a counseling hotline for alumni, and lectures throughout the seminary circuit on personal development. Recently, she began a series of mussar vaadim for women throughout Israel, as well as a vaad via teleconference for international participation.

Various Classes

Torah Alive in 5 has teamed up with www.TorahAnytime.com! We now offer various series that link directly to Torah Anytime, with the added bonus of having those classes sent directly to your email with your own personal schedule. 

Current shared classes: The Trait of Kavod & The Shavuos Shmooze by Rabbi Moshe Don Kestenbaum, and  Teshuva Tools by Rabbi Benzion Shafier. 

Look out for more series connected to Torah Anytime.

Various Classes

Torah Alive in 5 has teamed up with www.TorahDownloads.com! We now offer various series that link directly to Torah Downloads, with the added bonus of having those classes sent directly to your email with your own personal schedule. 

Current shared classes: Reflections on Shabbos, The Laws of Tevilas Keilim, The Laws of Traveling, Thoughts on Shavuos, & Yomim Noraim Inspiration. 

Look out for more series connected to Torah Downloads.